MTA for Tugs

Caterpillar Marine has a century of experience designing engines and propellers. And we’ve spent much of that time getting to know the challenges tug operators face on a daily basis. Now we’ve put all that together to create an optimized solution – the Cat® MTA tug propulsion package.

First things first, the torque, thrust, and control have to be up to the job giving you the bollard pull and maneuverability you need. And, at the same time, optimal fuel efficiency. With a thrust range between 35-100 tons depending on the configuration of propeller and engine size, plus high-performance azimuths controlled from a user-friendly interface, we’ve got you covered.
      Life for a harbor tug and its crew is busy and relentless. So the solution also needs to be hassle-free and trustworthy. Putting all of our experience into the design, we’ve been able to optimize throughout – from the robust propel- ler design to the bell housing-mounted clutch. Ensuring a highly reliable and easily maintained operation.